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5 me: Bolivia

5 minute explorer (5 me) is your speed read to discover Bolivia through a quick summary of places to visit, inspiring pictures and insight into the food.

Why in a sentence?

The heart of South America with an exotic and mysterious charm that’s full of amazing landscapes.

Places to visit

Salar de Uyuni: Breath-taking, dazzling and remote landscape of perfectly level white vastness of salt flats. 

5 Min Explorer Uyuni Bolivia

La Pazs
: Nestled in a canyon, 3500m above sea level, dwarfed by Mount Illimani makes this a spectacular city.

5 Min Explorer La Paz Bolivia
(Source: Flickr by Szeke)

Parque Nacional Madidi: Amazing Amazonian rainforest rich in wildlife enjoyed by river boat or foot. 

5 Min Explorer Madidi Bolivia

(Source: Flickr by

Copacabana: Radiant blue-turquoise Lake Titicaca, beautiful white capped mountains and charming town of Copacabana.  

5 Min Explorer LakeT Bolivia
(Source: Flickr by twiga269 ॐ FEMEN)

Sucre: The beautiful white city of narrow streets with fine colonial architecture and Andalusian influence.

5 Min Explorer Surce Bolivia

(Source: Flickr by RaMaOrLi)

Foods to enjoy

Depending on the region Bolivia is dominated by the potato, plantains or yucca. Bolivian cuisine is heavily influenced by these vegetable and occasionally llama and mutton are an accomplice to dishes.

Corn is also another mainstay that’s served with fresh white cheese called choclo con queso or it’s often made into a soup known as laguas.

Vegetarian option is limited to fried eggs and potato and potato soups. However it’s a different story in the major cities as they cater for all types of vegetarians.

Meat lovers will often find that it’s normally cooked in spicy sauce known as picantes. Another hearty meat dish is pique a lo macho, an enormous plate of chopped beef and sausage fried with potatoes, onions, tomatoes and chillies.

Aají de pollo is chicken smothered in hot chili sauce and served with rice and/or potatoes and normally served on special occasions.

Lake Titicaca provides plenty of fish for this land locked country from trout (trucha), kingfish (perjerrey) and white river fish (surubi/pucu).

Snacks are often enjoyed as mid-morning delight with a cold drink. By the far the most popular snack enjoyed throughout Bolivia is saltena. This is a spicy pasty filled with juicy meat, chopped vegetable, and olives, complete with a hard-boiled egg.

5 Min Explorer Saltena Bolivia

 (Source: Flickr by jsutcliffe)